Benefits of Responsive Website Design for Your Business

The dynamics of internet browsing have changed and how. Gone are the days when desktop computers and laptops were the only devices on which a person could browse the internet. Today, there is a range of gadgets you can use for accessing the online world. This has made the internet more accessible and available to a wider audience but it has also resulted in people viewing websites on screens of different sizes. This could range from a 4-inch phone screen to a 10-inch tablet screen to a 20-inch computer screen. Instead of designing separate websites for each screen size, you can add a responsive design to your website. A responsive website design makes the site adaptive to the screen size. The website will adjust itself based on the size of the screen a user is viewing it on. This doesn’t mean different versions of the site have to be designed. A few tweaks in the coding do the trick. So, is getting a responsive website design necessary? Here are a few benefits of responsive website design for your business: Reach a Wider Audience More people access the internet through a smart device than through a computer. This has made it […] Read more »

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The Importance of PPC Marketing for Your Business

Search engine optimization is the most effective way to get your website to the top of the search engine rankings. Yet, there is one other method which has been around for some time. In fact, given the hype surrounding SEO and other methods of online marketing, the importance of Pay per Click (PPC) marketing is often undermined. What businesses don’t realize is how important it can be for their online presence. In the today’s cutthroat business environment, you need to use every tool available to outdo your competitors. Using PPC marketing is one way to get an edge on them. Here are some ways in which PPC marketing will benefit your business: Immediate Visibility The one that sets PPC apart from SEO is the time it takes for it to make an impact. Your website becomes immediately visible. It will only take a few days for your campaign to be set up and launched and you will see the results not long after. With other methods, you have to spend some time before your online visibility improves. Even for businesses without a strong online presence, it doesn’t take long for PPC marketing to work its magic. Target More Keywords The […] Read more »

Benefits of a Professional Website Audit

The term ‘Audit’ may have a negative perception among businesses (thanks to the IRS) but a website audit is something entirely different. In fact, getting your website audited would do a world of good for your business’ online presence. You cannot only improve your website but use it to market your business. There are numerous benefits of getting a professional website audit, some of which are described below: Better User Experience The user experience (UX) of your website is a pertinent ranking factor. Google pays attention to how easy (or difficult) it is for the average Joe to use your website. The better the UX is, the higher your site will rank in search engine results. During a website audit, the specialists will identify the areas of your website which need improvement to optimize UX. This way, you can make the necessary changes. Some relevant UX factors are loading speed, navigation and content layout. An SEO-Friendly Website There is no doubt that your website needs to be user-friendly but it has to be SEO-friendly as well. Google makes around 500 changes a year to its search algorithm. The experts keep track of all these updates and know what needs to […] Read more »

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Why Your Small Business Needs Social Media Marketing

Close to 90% businesses have gone on record to say how using social media marketing has boosted their sales. They agree that social media is the leading online marketing platform and gaining exposure there increases brand awareness, considerably more than any other marketing channel. This is just one of the reasons why your small business needs to use social media marketing. Small businesses generally have a limited budget for marketing. Using social media marketing is one way to use the limited funds to generate manifold results. With this in mind, here are some of the foremost reasons your small business needs social media marketing: You can build your brand on social media. As you would know, social media is a visual platform. Colors and images play a huge part. There is no restriction on the type of content you want to share with your target audience. This way, you can choose how you want to present your brand to the public. You can engage your target audience in a direct and personal manner through social media. Through the features available to you on social media, you cannot only communicate with them but also receive feedback and comments. Over time, this […] Read more »

Marketing: Improve Your Website

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE   Is your webiste coughing dust, or maybe, you can’t get anybody to go to it; perhaps its time to Improve Your Website. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your website and to make it look and feel more credible and reliable. That is the number one thing people want to know when they go to a website. In the world of the internet, where anything can be a lie, they need to know that things are legitimate. So that is your main job when creating a website– to make sure that your customers feel safe while also remaining interested in what you offer.  Here Are Some Pointers if You Decide it is Time to Improve Your Website: Use references: When you begin to improve your website, make sure that you show people that you are not the only one interested. You can use internal and external references to show people that your company is worth checking out. Tell people a little about yourself and what the focus of your product is, even a mission statement. Also reference your other employees. Customers love to see the people behind the website. It creates […] Read more »

Guerrilla Marketing & Social Media

Fighting to be seen? How Guerrilla Marketing can help you win the battle.   You have heard of guerrilla marketing surely? If not then here is a quick example to help you understand how it is used: A group of young adults are standing silently in the square of some popular city. On their backs are bags with what seem to be filled with stickers. Suddenly someone hits the play button on a boombox nearby and these seemingly normal young adults start to kick of an epic performance of dancing and stunts. Drawing in people in huge numbers! On cue they start to hand out stickers for some product. These stickers just have one word and a website, now causing all these people to suddenly be interested in this mysterious logo, not knowing exactly what it is but being drawn to find out because of watching this performance. This is one idea for Guerrilla Marketing, other concepts could involve graffiti, sticker planting, artistic movements, flash mobs, etc. This marketing tactic can be huge for a business, especially something new that needs to get it’s name out or it’s product seen. Here are 3 ways to maximize your outreach using Guerrilla […] Read more »

Buying? Selling? Learn the Tricks to Negotiating

Negotiating the Best Price is Invaluable Are you negotiating to your fullest potential? People selling, have heard it all, and they aren’t intimidated by the words, “you’re price is too high.” So how do you show them you are serious, and you won’t walk away without a deal?  Here are some technique you might want to try that could help to improve your negotiating skills and save you those extra dollars. Negotiating 101 Its super important to know, initially going into any buying experience, that with many kinds of sales, the seller is intentionally asking for more than they expect to get. This gives them negotiation room. So be prepared for this and ready to talk them down. Wince or Flinch  Flinching or wincing adds to your disapproval of an overpriced offer. Using the flinch withThey will get very uncomfortable and try to rationalize their price, or they might offer an immediate concession.   Know the Most When You Are Negotiating You have to learn as much as possible about your seller or buyer and about the item you are negotiating over. This tactic is a really important one to remember, especially if you are the seller, but an unexpected […] Read more »