Benefits of a Professional Website Audit

The term ‘Audit’ may have a negative perception among businesses (thanks to the IRS) but a website audit is something entirely different. In fact, getting your website audited would do a world of good for your business’ online presence. You cannot only improve your website but use it to market your business. There are numerous benefits of getting a professional website audit, some of which are described below:

Better User Experience

The user experience (UX) of your website is a pertinent ranking factor. Google pays attention to how easy (or difficult) it is for the average Joe to use your website. The better the UX is, the higher your site will rank in search engine results. During a website audit, the specialists will identify the areas of your website which need improvement to optimize UX. This way, you can make the necessary changes. Some relevant UX factors are loading speed, navigation and content layout.

An SEO-Friendly Website

There is no doubt that your website needs to be user-friendly but it has to be SEO-friendly as well. Google makes around 500 changes a year to its search algorithm. The experts keep track of all these updates and know what needs to be done in order to make a website SEO-friendly. So, if you find your website’s ranking drop suddenly without any reason, it is probably time for a website audit.

Higher Conversion Rate

Are your landing pages delivering the results you want? If not, a website audit can help. The auditors will analyze all aspects of the landing or sales pages, from the headline to the content to the call-to-action. They will implement some changes and test the results. It could take some time but eventually the professionals will find a solution. As a result, the conversion rate will increase, having a positive impact on the bottom-line.

Stronger Content

Content is king. 2013 was the year of content marketing. While there are many factors that need to be analyzed, including bounce rate, on-site time, page visits, etc, it is the quality of the content that keeps visitors coming to your website. The content of your website will be audited as well, including all podcasts, videos and images you have published on it. The auditors will help you design a solid content strategy to not only drive traffic to your site but also convert them into customers.

These are some benefits of a professional website audit. As you can see, getting your website audited will only make it stronger and more effective. It could prove to be a catalyst in your business’ growth.

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