Buying? Selling? Learn the Tricks to Negotiating

Negotiating the Best Price is Invaluable

Are you negotiating to your fullest potential? People selling, have heard it all, and they aren’t intimidated by the words, “you’re price is too high.” So how do you show them you are serious, and you won’t walk away without a deal?  Here are some technique you might want to try that could help to improve your negotiating skills and save you those extra dollars.

Negotiating 101

Its super important to know, initially going into any buying experience, that with many kinds of sales, the seller is intentionally asking for more than they expect to get. This gives them negotiation room. So be prepared for this and ready to talk them down.

Wince or Flinch 

Flinching or wincing adds to your disapproval of an overpriced offer. Using the flinch withThey will get very uncomfortable and try to rationalize their price, or they might offer an immediate concession.


Know the Most When You Are Negotiating

You have to learn as much as possible about your seller or buyer and about the item you are negotiating over. This tactic is a really important one to remember, especially if you are the seller, but an unexpected surprise table-turner to any seller when you are negotiating a purchase.  


Practice, Practice that Negotiating 

Get used to the sound of your voice negotiating. Ask for deals and price cuts every opportunity that you can, so that it is second nature. Also, get over any fear you have of the NO word. The more you practice the less you are going to hear it anyway. Try coming up with phrases that you can use with retailers or sellers:

“You can do better.”

“Are you offering discounts?”

“You are asking too much.” 

Making it a habit of negotiating at every opportunity will not only help you to become more confident, comfortable, and successful, but you are going to save some money doing it!


You Might Have to Walk Away

Sometimes it is better to just walk away. Walking away is a bold move as a buyer or seller, but sometimes, it is the only way to show you are serious about getting a completely fair price. Sometimes this works immediately, sometimes it doesn’t work at all, but it shows the other person that you are taking control of the negotiations.


Negotiating is going to be one of the most important tools in your business tool box, and one of the most used. Remember negotiating will be something that you use for more than saving money. Negotiating is an invaluable skill to get what you need and want for your business and your life.

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