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Fighting to be seen? How Guerrilla Marketing can help you win the battle.


You have heard of guerrilla marketing surely? If not then here is a quick example to help you understand how it is used:

A group of young adults are standing silently in the square of some popular city. On their backs are bags with what seem to be filled with stickers. Suddenly someone hits the play button on a boombox nearby and these seemingly normal young adults start to kick of an epic performance of dancing and stunts. Drawing in people in huge numbers! On cue they start to hand out stickers for some product. These stickers just have one word and a website, now causing all these people to suddenly be interested in this mysterious logo, not knowing exactly what it is but being drawn to find out because of watching this performance.

This is one idea for Guerrilla Marketing, other concepts could involve graffiti, sticker planting, artistic movements, flash mobs, etc. This marketing tactic can be huge for a business, especially something new that needs to get it’s name out or it’s product seen.

Here are 3 ways to maximize your outreach using Guerrilla Marketing for your business:


  1. Video record your Guerrilla Marketing experience: Take a video of the entire ordeal and try to capture as much as you can. If you decide to edit this video be sure to make it artistic. If you don’t have good editing software then just leave it be, a poorly edited video is much worse than the appearance of your video being taped by a local passerby. At least then one would get the idea by the video quality that others were interested too and took the time to record it. Then plant it on youtube, facebook, and wherever else you have an internet presence. You could even use stealth accounts to make it look like someone not affiliated with you posted this about you.
  2. Take Pictures: As well as taking a video take lots of pictures. Try to make them artistic and creative. Use lighting and unique angles and make sure to capture pictures of the purpose of your Guerrilla Marketing. For example if you are planting stickers get shots of your stickers. If your product is present at this performance take pictures of your product being used. Using photo editing programs can help you to make your pictures more appealing and more unique to catch peoples eye. Photoshop is great for this but if you don’t have Photoshop there are lots of free photo editing websites, is a personal favorite. Once you have a few pictures that you really like start getting them out there! Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Photobucket, etc. It is important however to be selective. Posting 100 pictures of the same event would be way to overwhelming for your followers try using 3-10 pictures per event but make them loud or mysteriously simple, colorful, fun, creative, and eye catching!
  3. Know when to hit: Planning your events is extremely important. Making sure that you will get the most out of each experience can be achieved with simple awareness and research. Plan your event at a time that you know you will reach the biggest audience! If you know there is going to be a huge concert plan the event to happen after the show as everyone is gathering. If there is an event going on in the city like Jazz Fest or Saturday Market plan to be at the busiest place at the busiest time. Also plan these events around who your audience might be and try to hit your demographic as best as possible.

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Internet marketing is one of the most important tools anymore for getting people involved in your business and your product, especially if your business or product is based online. However, using other tactics and then using your social networks to maximize those experiences can be vital to keeping things fresh and interesting and keeping people interested and involved. Guerrilla Marketing is an amazing way to connect with your client base and to expand and grow. Do more research on how it could help you and use your social media promotor to get yourself out there! Sometimes competing to get your product seen and people interested can be like a war zone, so be aggressively creative and surprise the world with an explosion of your creativity! Salute.

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