If you use any third party booking site like priceline, hotels.com, expedia, etc then you are really going to want to listen to what I have to say.


Here is what some of the clients that have used my system have to say about it:

“This business has been in our family for over 60 years. Our first year working with him, our business grew 40%. I’ve never seen that kind of an increase before (and last year was already one of our best years ever). Jerrod spent a lot of time with me even though I just had a small business. He was honest: When he said he was going to do something he did it. If he said he was going to find an answer to a question I had, he found it. I would recommend him because he actually cares about your business whether it is big or small.”

Claude E.

“My husband and I bought a Hotel/steakhouse in August of 2012. Jerrod was specifically referred to me by a friend so I called him with many questions and he was always happy to help. Jerrod played a key role in helping me to get our business up and running.  Though I had been in lodging for some time before this, he helped me to streamline my front desk operations and give my online reservations a big boost.  He was very thorough in explaining things to me, and no matter what the question was, he was willing to answer it for me.  He actually gave me the confidence that I needed to feel like I could accomplish a task I had never done before.  I appreciate his expertise and great advice in getting my business started. He’s still providing us with valuable insights, and is always looking for ways to help us improve business. It’s been nearly two years, and I’m happy to say that our business is going strong, and we’re expanding.  Jerrod is very skilled at helping you market your business, takes the time to ensure your success, and genuinely cares about you and your business.”

Francine H.