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Improve Your Website

Is your webiste coughing dust, or maybe, you can’t get anybody to go to it; perhaps its time to Improve Your Website. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your website and to make it look and feel more credible and reliable. That is the number one thing people want to know when they go to a website. In the world of the internet, where anything can be a lie, they need to know that things are legitimate. So that is your main job when creating a website– to make sure that your customers feel safe while also remaining interested in what you offer. 

Improve your website Tips

Here Are Some Pointers if You Decide it is Time to Improve Your Website:

  1. Use references: When you begin to improve your website, make sure that you show people that you are not the only one interested. You can use internal and external references to show people that your company is worth checking out. Tell people a little about yourself and what the focus of your product is, even a mission statement. Also reference your other employees. Customers love to see the people behind the website. It creates a much more tangible atmosphere in an internet based world. Lastly reference your satisfied customers… make sure they are legitimate though, there is almost nothing more tacky than having your other employees pose as happy customers and then getting caught at it.
  2. Make your page is visually appealing: One of the first things that will send a customer away is appearance. It’s not something most people would admit but there is something that seems illegitimate about a webpage that looks bad, especially if what you are selling is your creative abilities. Clean and professional is what they want. If you aren’t sure what this looks like then visit other pages especially ones that appeal to you. See what other people are doing and make sure to find a web designer that can achieve what it is that you want and need.
  3. SEO and Content: Search Engine Optimization is vital. Work in cahoots with google to maximize your ratings. This will mean not only having relevant content that is up to date but also content that is appealing. For example pictures, ads, blogs, etc. SEO often uses social media to verify your legitimacy. So make sure to post stuff on facebook, pinterest, twitter, etc. Think of it as putting random things here and there like a trail of chocolates to lure in your customers to say your t-shirt company or whatever it is you are. Google has a set of a rules that are far to lengthly to post here but it’s important to check it out. Also finding someone to help you with it who has experience in it can be worth the money.
  4. Get verified: There are some obvious ways to become verified. We have all seen that little logo and hopefully don’t shop at places without it that says with its fancy checkmark… VERFIED… make sure that if you are selling things from your website that you have this. People will look for it and most likely will not shop without it. There are other ways of showing people that you are “verified” for example get your webpage connected with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. These little gestures show people that you are not only legitimate but that you are out there for the world to see you. It also helps tremendously with traffic, content, and networking.
  5. Customer care: Having a place that customers can contact you for help is something that people will look for always. If you don’t have the means to have a phone number they can call, then connect a special customer support email address. Also make sure that you have a customer support page that they can go to directly for information on how to contact you if they need. This seems so obvious but there are still a lot of websites that miss this vital step.

Improve Your Website 2

When you improve your website, look at other sites to see what various people are doing as well. These are the basics but there are a lot of little things that you can do to improve your website. Finding help with this can be worth it’s value as well. When you are extremely busy with your product and company development it can be hard to take the time to improve your website and get the best out of it. So finding a company that specializes in doing it for you can be worth every single precious penny. Just remember the most important thing is what your customers want. Good luck! 


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  1. Elizabeth Joffre says:

    Amazingly helpful! I will keep all of this in mind for future website creation and improvement. Thanks!

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