Guerrilla Marketing & Social Media

Fighting to be seen? How Guerrilla Marketing can help you win the battle.   You have heard of guerrilla marketing surely? If not then here is a quick example to help you understand how it is used: A group of young adults are standing silently in the square of some popular city. On their backs are bags with what seem to be filled with stickers. Suddenly someone hits the play button on a boombox nearby and these seemingly normal young adults start to kick of an epic performance of dancing and stunts. Drawing in people in huge numbers! On cue they start to hand out stickers for some product. These stickers just have one word and a website, now causing all these people to suddenly be interested in this mysterious logo, not knowing exactly what it is but being drawn to find out because of watching this performance. This is one idea for Guerrilla Marketing, other concepts could involve graffiti, sticker planting, artistic movements, flash mobs, etc. This marketing tactic can be huge for a business, especially something new that needs to get it’s name out or it’s product seen. Here are 3 ways to maximize your outreach using Guerrilla […] Read more »

Marketing Online, Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience When Marketing Online Do you know you audience? Internet marketing has become one of the most popular advertising options available today. In fact, those that are not marketing on-line are losing opportunities and money. The internet has become a place where businesses and consumers can instantly connect, and because the internet has become such an ideal place for marketing, potential customers are actually turning to the net over other options, to research and purchase services and products. These consumers are your audience, and you must know your audience to reach new clients through the net. This doesn’t minimize the need for other marketing campaigns, but it does reveal the importance for businesses to establish an online presence. Get to Know Your Audience   In order to do this successfully, as a business, you need to know your audience (those that you wish to target) and how to reach them. It is worth finding people that are familiar with the internet consumer’s needs and expectations that can assist in the research of your demographic and help you to implement your marketing plan. When you know your audience it will allow you to tailor your marketing campaign specifically for them. Different […] Read more »

Internet Marketing and Your Business

Will Internet Marketing Work for Your Business? The answer is undoubtedly yes, internet marketing is one of the best ways to reach people today. More and more consumers are turning to the internet for their business needs. While internet marketing may be slightly more advantageous to some than others, the internet is used by almost every demographic. What is your potential for success in an Internet marketing campaign? Before making the decision to embark on an Internet marketing campaign you should carefully consider your target audience. The Internet is used widely around the world, by most types of consumers, but do you know who your consumers are? What are their needs? What area are you trying to reach? This is worth researching. It is not only important to know who you want to reach, but it is equally as important to know where to find them on the internet. Conducting market research is invaluable to your business. This step is important because it will give you a good indication of where to begin with your internet marketing campaign. This is where it is good to find outside help. It is not impossible to do your own research but it is […] Read more »

Using Facebook as an Online Marketing Tool

Using Facebook as an Online Marketing Tool- Online marketing has grown to “crucial status”, in regards to any successful business… but what is the best way to go about it? Social networking sites have gained unprecedented popularity over the last decade, and can be invaluable for online marketing. Their original, and at one time, primary function was to facilitate social interaction and connection between individuals. As they have progressed, however, social media sites have also become a leading platform for online marketing for businesses. One of the most well-known and broadly used social media sites available today: Facebook. With Facebook a user can do things like create a profile, upload unlimited pictures and videos, post up to date statuses, and friend other users and comment on their profiles. It’s many resources, however, are also lend themselves incredibly as a fruitful marketing tool. This year Facebook celebrates having over a billion users, with a diverse demographic. While all social media sites are dominated by a younger audience, Facebook has the highest percentage of users in every age range. Facebook: The Online Marketing Super Tool Facebook is easy to sign up for and just as easy to use, and any user can […] Read more »

Secret Tips For Generating Traffic To Your Website

Generating traffic to your website can be easy if you know the little secrets about how to drive massive volumes of traffic at no cost. This article presents some secret ways through which you can easily boost traffic to your website. Have your own website’s discussion board or forum, and invite people to visit and participate on your forum. This generates traffic to your website and all the posts on your website’s forum will help to improve your search engines position, which will boost traffic to your website. People who visit your forum will also visit your website, hence driving massive amounts of volume to your website. Offer an e-zine on your website and invite people to subscribe to your free e-zine. When people subscribe, they will give in their email address. Every time they read your e-zine, it will remind them to return to your site since you will have your website URL in your e-zine. Invite people to bookmark your website. This is particularly effective if you have high quality content on your website which makes people want to spend more time reading all the useful content on your site. Give away free content to other web masters […] Read more »

Businesses Love Google Adwords

One of the key factors in business is marketing. Marketing is a way of making a product or service known by employing strategies which uses different media to achieve this goal. Marketing can be in the form of print, audio or visual media. However, the costs that are associated with marketing are to be taken seriously. High percentages of productsí prices are used to recover the costs that are associated with marketing these products. With the advent of the Internet, marketing had made a shift towards the virtual world. The Internet has given marketers something to smile about because marketing through the Internet is cheaper than the usual marketing techniques but can very well deliver the a MUCH higher ROI! Many businesses have discovered the wonderful system which was developed by Google to market products electronically. This is what we refer to as the Google Adwords. It is a system which is based on the bidding for key words by businesses. When someone searches for a certain thing on the Google search engine, a separate portion for the sponsored links is displayed at the right corner of the Internet browser. The website which have the highest bids will be displayed […] Read more »

How To Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

The methods employed to increase your search engine rankings may seem like rocket science to you, so you have probably avoided dealing with this issue. I am here to tell you – the time has come to face your website! A high search engine ranking for your website is so essential that if you have the slightest desire to actually succeed in your business, there is no way you can continue to avoid this issue. So as a marketing company why would I divulge our secrets?                       Because these are just the tip of the whole picture to a successful online marketing campaign. At least 85% of people looking for goods and services on the Internet find websites through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. The idea of optimizing your pages for high search engine rankings is to attract targeted customers to your site who will be more than likely to make a purchase. The higher your page comes up in search engine results, the greater the traffic that is directed to your website. That’s what search engine optimization is about. You can immerse yourself in all the […] Read more »